Dyrk Shivay: “I am a musical gypsy at heart”

Dyrk ShivayWho’s Dyrk Shivay?

Dyrk Shivay is a given name that stands for a human being who lives in the south of germany. Who is a musician, a writer and a singer.

Taking a view of your official website, Could you define you like a musical traveller?

Absolutely. I would say I am a musical gypsy at heart. I love the wedding of sounds and instruments that come from very different places which become a soundtrack that speaks for my way of life.

You’ve travelled around 50 countries, their cultures has inspired you in your career as singer and composer. Have you think you’ve finished the travel?

As long as I am able to move I will travel as much as I can. I need to have a changing environment around me to have the feeling that I am a part of this world and the world is a part of me. The world is so beautiful and I want to embrace it !

Talk us about Remember Yourself, How born this idea?

The idea was born out of a difficult part of my life which made me realise that I had forgotten too much about myself. So I needed a mirror that showed me what was going on for real. As soon as I was able to open up from the inside I was able to express myself in the way my heart and soul speaks. For me it was clear that I have to bring in my passion for ethnic instruments very much but still keep the singer/songwriter at front.

You released the single Ride with the waves, do you think nowadays there’s still space for this format similar than old disc (vinyls)?

Well, times are changing faster than ever and will be even faster. Two hundred years ago people where riding horses and donkeys to move overland. They could have never imagined the current way of travelling. So I would say it’s the same with music formats. As long you have vinyls and a record player you are free to play it but I doubt that it will resist the upcoming changes.

There are people that makes music like you, but that don’t take the risk to start the adventure of edit an album. What would you say to these people?

“How can you feel your heartbeat when you don’t run? How can you feel alive when you never risked to get hurt?…Music is not a competition you should be afraid of. It’s about sharing emotions. Music can be a healer for yourself and others…”

What’s your point of view regarding musical panorama at this moment?

It’s very interesting. People tend to like more and more the authentic way of making music. You Tube added another visual aspect to music. Now you can see what people are playing in their living rooms. If you check the clicks you’ll find out that those videos get way more attention than some major music videos. The real stuff is what people are looking for because now everybody can clearly see the difference between the industry faked images and the real talents that would have never got discoverd. That makes music and people more uncontrollable by the record companies which was very needed. Power to the people !

What are your next projects?

Right now I am working on a new band project with musicians and vocalists from different countries. It’s going to to be very interesting and very modern sound wise with lot’s of Dub oriented grooves. I am very exited and we already started recording. Beside that I am working on a new Dyrk Shivay record which might take still a while to get finished. But I am not in a hurry…

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